Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Okay,I know reading a book is a cheap hobby,really cheap. But lately since my mom cut my 'Uang Jajan Bulanan' I need to saving my money so I can survive. Lately I've been thinking that my hobby buying a book its kinda spendthrift.
Well in a month I can buy about 3-5 books and it cost more than 150 IDR. it such a big ammount for a student like me,
I was thinking on borrowing a book instead of buying it. But sometimes it's kinda hard to find my favorite book or the book I've been looking for. My School's library
only provide a textbook or a old book. I'm kinda missing my Junior High School Library, they provide a novel such a The Host,Twilight and many more. Surprised? Me too.

If only I could find some good library or rental book near Jakarta Barat T^T and I hate myself for not being a smart shopper.

p.s this is just random post


  1. Well...kalo ntar kamu udah gabung di BBI, jangan sungkan2 pinjem buku sama para member ya. Kita2 gak pelit kok minjemin buku, asal yg dipinjemin bisa jaganya aja :)

    1. Huaaaaa akhirnyaa punya temen buat minjem buku^^ terimakasih banyak :)

  2. Btw...friend request ku di FB diaccept ya. Biar kamu bisa dimasukkin ke FBnya BBI

    1. udah ya kak. maaf kalau lama,jarang buka fb .