Monday, August 27, 2012

Review : Hush Hush

For Nora Grey, romance was not part of the plan. She's never been particularly attracted to the boys at her school, no matter how much her best friend, Vee, pushes them at her...until Patch comes along. With his easy smile and eyes that seem to see inside her, Nora is drawn to him against her better judgment, but after a series of terrifying encounters, Nora's not sure whom to trust. Patch seems to be everywhere she is, and to know more about her than her closest friends. She can't decide whether she should fall into his arms or run and hide. And when she tries to seek some answers, she finds herself near a truth that is far more unsettling than anything Patch makes her feel. For Nora is right in the middle of an ancient battle between the immortal and those that have fallen - and when it comes to choosing sides, the wrong choice will cost her life.

 Okay, so I just bought this a couple weeks ago and it's only cost $4.99 and I decided to bought this.

Nora is just an ordinary girl who I really enjoyed reading about. She's strong, witty, determined and I love that. Patch is another great character, he's sexy, sarcastic and flirty. I'd like my very own Patch please ;) I've heard there's Twilight comparisons, but the only one I can think of is the fact that they meet in Biology class. Vee is another great character - she's Nora's best friend and added her splash of humor into Hush Hush. 

The plot was quite exciting and moved at a very quick pace. There are some very steamy moments between Nora and Patch that will leave your heart racing! I love the banter between the two of them, it made me laugh so much.“You smell good, too,” said Patch. "It’s called a shower.” I was staring straight ahead. When he didn’t answer, I turned sideways. “Soap. Shampoo. Hot water.” Naked. I know the drill.” I feel like their relationship developed at a natural pace, it was obvious they liked each other. There are some shockers that you will not be expecting. Nora finds out that Patch is a fallen angel quite quickly and delves into his memories, she's very accepting of the fact he's an angel. 

Some of the characters have ulterior motives, which we discover as the book goes on and are very creepy! Jules for one, Elliot as well and Miss Greene all have an air of mystery about them and this all becomes clear once you've finished.

But the plot was sometimes totally boring , and Dabria (Miss.Greene) is totally piss me off . The ending quite good even it's a bit making me wondering and thinking 'what?'. Maybe I will go buy 'Crescendo'.
I rated this book 3.5/5 Star!

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