Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hello May + Book Haul ♥

Hello May ♥ Plase be good to me.
Okay so it's been May, this years really passed fast, huh? So since it May I want to say that I didn't really read much book in April which is sad because of all those homework and my grade has been down T.T
And by the end of this month I'll face UAS. It's a battle through my freshman years. And a battle to decide which majors I'll in. and I hope I will be part of IPA or IPB. hahaha.
And yups here's a book I bought in May (sorry for bad quality pictures) and borrowed Shater Me from Nicky ♥

Yesterday I bought Fever and City of Fallen Angels from Periplus Bargain Dicount in TerasKota which is sad after 2 hours 'terjebak macet' I only bought 2 books because there's not much interesting book-__-
And I haven't read City of Ashes yet even though I bought city of glass and city of fallen angels and haven't read the second book. And maybe I'll make a little progress in this month, preparing for UAS. FIGHT UAS FIGHT! AYAM AYAM FAMS!

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