Monday, July 21, 2014

Review: The Truth About You and Me

Tittle: The Truth About You and Me
Author: Amanda Grace
Publisher: Flux
Rating: 4/5 stars

Smart girls aren't supposed to do stupid things.
On her first day at Green River Community College, Madelyn Hawkins meets Bennett Cartwright, her biology professor. He’s funny. He’s interested. And he has no idea that Madelyn is only sixteen.
When they’re together, Madelyn feels more alive than she’s ever felt before. And she knows Bennett feels the same way. She also knows that if she tells him her real age, their relationship will be over. So Madelyn makes a simple decision. She won’t tell him.

The truth about you and me is about girl who fall for her professor. I like reading a student-teacher books especially after Slamed's series. But book wrote as a letter? No. I dont like that kind of books because it is so boring and theres no character developing. And when I first read the first chapter, I was like "oh man,no, its gonna be boring like ughhh". But after reading several chapter,i like it. Its not like the 'Life in rerigerator door' that I read in elementary school that make me hate a wrote-as-a letter-books. This book,even though wrote as a letters, has a plot,not really character development or a dialog but still good.
Madelyn is a typical smart girl who always do the way her parents wants her too. Its pretty similiar with the other smart-teenager,who usually always getting pushed by their parents. So when she met Bennet in his biology class she fall for him. Bennet is kind,funny,charming and most of al has no IDEA that she still sixteen. Two years younger from being what he thought she is. First meet, second time meeting outside,third they flirting and so on.
Sixteen is an age of being on adulthood,and its really okay to fall in love in age of sixteen.Except Madelyn fall for 12 years older professor. And I was like 'Oh, I even 1 years older than her'. And since Madelyn still sixteen she makes the wrong and selfish choices. Like tricking Bennet into beliving she is eighteen. Also I know that her parents are so pushy but why cant she just say what's she feels inside,her thought,instead of just okay-ing their expectation.  And since the story is write as Madelyn letter of an apology, we dont really see Bennet character trully. Also the author didnt really explaining Madelyn smartness.
And I already know that the books not gonna be a happily-ever-after book which I really like to read(who's not?) but I found my self liking it,because of the cover. Its so beautifull and eye-catching. The reason I bought this book at first was because the cover, The man is so handsome and the cover kinda remind me of the fault in our stars movie poster. And Madelyn writing is a pretty good plot.
Overall the books is pretty fantastic and cool for killing time.


  1. i like the cover too, make me want to meet the real Bennet XD btw, 28 yo is quite young to be a professor though :D

    1. Yeah the cover is so freakingly beautiful :3 and i cant even take my eyes off from the man hahaha. I do think so about 28yo being a professor like 'wow he must be really genius'