Saturday, March 9, 2013

Review: Wolfsbane

Tittle: Wolfsane
Author: Andrea Cremer
Publisher: Speak
361 Pages.

Calla Tor wakes up in the lair of the Searchers, her sworn enemy, and she’s certain her days are numbered. But then the Searchers make her an offer-one that gives her the chance to destroy her former masters and save the pack-and the man-she left behind.Is Ren worth the price of her freedom? And will Shay stand by her side no matter what? Now in control of her own destiny, Calla must decide which battles are worth fighting and how many trials true love can endure and still survive.

 Alright, as I am writing this review I am bursting at the seams of my soul. This is book is nothing but pure awesomeness! I mean, every turn of the page, every new word describing the scene, every character, and every place left me in awe.

So I don't want to ruin this book for everyone but I do want to make sure you are so excited about this book that will go buy it the days it comes out.  First off, amazing story line. The story line is jammed pack with such great action, detailing, and pure entertainment, that you don't want to put it down...ever. As the reader, we are immediately sucked into the Nightshade world drowning in the words across a great field of good writing. You yourself, fall into the story and are the characters. Your heart races, when theirs does. You fill with anger when they do. You soar to the different places when they do. And you fight with them with every breath that you take.

Secrets. It's no secret that I love them like I love milk. Secrets are spilled left and right. So much so that you are taken back by surprise. I mean some of them made sense but other just punched you in the stomach. Secrets in this book rock. Secrets in this book break your heart. Secrets in this books make you gasp.And making you keep saying 'OMG!How could?!'.

 Action. There was so much action in this book that I was literally bouncing in my seat while reading this book. I could not get my foot to stop fidgeting, that's how excited I was. I also almost fell off my chair since I kept moving in it that I hadn't realized that I move to far from the edge. LOL, but I caught myself like the wolf  that I became in this story and read on.

But too bad for all Team Ren(just like me), there's only a little where Ren's take place at this stories, but Ren is always been Calla minds so it's okay.
I like Calla in this sequel, She is trying her best to save her pack, she know she can do it because she is an alpha,she didn't want the packs think she abandon them. 
And I didn't like Shay in this sequel, he is kinda annoying and needed. I know Shay, you want to protect Calla. But let her be! She is and alpha she is bad-ass. She doesn't always need to be protected.

When I finished this book,I really don't want to read Bloodrose. I don't want the story end. I don't want to know who Calla choose,either it's Ren or Shay. I really don't want! Enough. There's nothing I can say anymore.
5 out of 5 STARS!!!

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